Kochi Wanaba isn’t just about Kochi, it’s about the select group of friends and outsiders around him who all go through this book (sort of) together. Here’s a brief outline of who’s who…

Kochi is quiet, introverted, content to be left alone drawing in his book despite the noisy world around him. But he is central to it everything that happens for reasons even he doesn’t know, watching as everything slips out of his control.

Lhys is in love with Kochi. Head over heels, fanatically, to the point of it being annoying to him. Her reckless enthusiasm and energy drive everyone mad, but her devotion to Kochi has taken her further than anyone could have imagined..

Dylan is the cynic. The moody grump, who doesn’t particularly like anyone, but has chosen who to hang out with because the only other option is being alone, and maybe despite his protests even he’s scared of that..

George is the constant tease, but his teases are harsh and brutal. While this banter is tolerable among the group for a while, these things usually turn nasty before anyone’s realised how far it’s going, and the results can be unrepairable.

Tubby is lovable, geeky, endlessly trying but usually failing. He’s the outsider in a group of outsiders, despite being probably the kindest natured of them all, his size will always be the thing other people latch onto and hold against him. But there’s only so much he can take.

Grace is Lhys’s older sister, seemingly left in charge of Lhys (or deciding to take charge) and seethingly resentful of it. Along with her sycophantic friends, Grace is a true bitch, and her ambitious nature causes her to punish Lhys without mercy.

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